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Design gallery
Large hen sculpture.
Small standing bulldog - C200
Small giraffe sculpture.
3D advertising chips.
Coca Cola Large Bottle.
Boxer dog middle size standing - C198
Bull head.
100cm giraffe sculpture.
Large Penguin F079
Boxer indoor lamp.
Boxer middle size standing - C198b - H-90cm
Middle size cat figure.
Dutch clogs.
Italian advertising ice cream.
Giraffe GF062
Słoń średniej wielkości / Middle size elephant / Mittelgroße Elefant Figur
Large dobermann / pinscher.
Small advertising fries.
Bulldog figure - GC197
Eating cow model.
Advertising scoop eis with cream.
Artystyczna figura słonia / Artistic elephant statue / Künstlerische Elefant Figur
Small Italian advertising ice cream.
American style advertising ice cream.
Tiger - large.
Life Size Bull
Reklamowy lód wiszący z polewą / Advertising Ice Cream with glaze / Wandeistüte mit Glasur
Wierzgający koń - Jumping horse model - Springreiten Pferd Figur
Advertising scoop eis creme.
Easter eggs
Large lion
Small american style advertising ice cream.
Pieczarki / Mushrooms / Pilze
Small advertising scoop eis creme.
Large English Bulldog
Advertising waffle
Globe Ø-150cm
Indoor bench
Crocodile figure
Design bench
Rooster / Cock
Large boxer dog - C198xl
Small bulldog - C200s
Coffee Cup
Middle size english bulldog figure
LEGO table
Small Duck 60cm
Advertising F113 gelato ice cream
Apple - 80cm
Adidas Predator Lethal zones
Gorilla closed mouth
Large Ice Cream Desert
Large LEGO brick
Large baby bulldog
Banana model
Large advertising Fries/Chips
Middle size sitting bulldog - C200sb
Christmas ball Ø-70cm
LEGO characters
Life Size Elephant
Large French Bulldog
Camel - Dromader F053
Decoration door stopper tin can
Coca Cola recycling bottle
Large heart model
Statue of Liberty small
Life size Rhino - F086
Life size Deer - F006
Advertising tomato stand
Small cat - C094a
Large paprica model
Rabbit - 120cm
Horse - F039
Big Coffee cup
Cupcake - fairy cake - Muffin
Hand - Palm
Duck - F095
Life size cow model - F018
Cow bench
Dummy female
Life Size Cow F105
Alligator GC211
Baloon dog small
Teddy bear small
Sitting bulldog - C165
Penguin small - F079a
Donkey modell C192
Cat sculpture C014
Small French Bulldog - C199
Hippopotamus - GC209
Bulldog middle size sitting - C197s
Basset hound Sitting - GC208
Bull terrier standing - GC213
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